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Great thoughts here. I LOVE “Comfort Ye” too! I taught it last year to an adult tenor I gave voice lessons to (BA in Music, vocal emphasis here). The interval where the glaring, grating tritone before “iniquity” descends gently into “is pardoned” makes me tear up. It’s so merciful. So beautiful.

And “All We Like Sheep” always makes me giggle a little. So much herdlike trotting. I think Handel giggled while he wrote it. 😊

Wish I could pick your brain about violin! I never played and now have six strings players, mostly violin, and the learning curve has/is steep (re: I can’t help them too much).

Also, may the quiet this season bless you. The coming season of Christ’s incarnation begs for our in-personness, doesn’t it?

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I’m glad I’m not the only one to find that piece humorous!

Ahh… I wish I had good advice for the string playing. Fundamentals are important, I wish my earlier teachers had been pickier about intonation and taught more theory. You may not know the technique, but I think encouraging good practice habits goes a very long way. They may hate it, but making them sing things before they play them is very good for the aural development and catching mistakes.

So delighted to read a few of your posts!

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